Transform your Business with Evolving Digital Landscape

Enterprise IoT Solution - Airlinq

Digital services are gaining momentum with evolving customer demand and increased proliferation of connected things in every walk of life. Enterprises need to transform their products into efficient, centralized, and monetizable services.

Airlinq can be a perfect companion for your digital journey with its solutions to enable a sustainable ecosystem of services around your products.

Enterprise IoT Solution - Airlinq

Trusted by Enterprises worldwide

Expand and Scale with least time to market

Expansion made Easy

Expand into new markets with access to global networks as a pre-integrated configuration. Lease time to market for global customers altogether and manageable from a single management pane.

Product Connectivity

Connect products to the Internet, enabling services like remote diagnostics to OEM or end-users. Includes ongoing 24/7 management of products that are ‘always on’.

Consumable Services

Notifications, action triggers, and inventory status with field partners to optimize the agility and profitability throughout the product lifecycle.

Integration & Interoperability

APIs for enterprise & 3rd party integrations create an interoperable IoT ecosystem with seamless data exchange.

Keep your Customers Delighted and Revenue Flowing

Our unique offerings are tailored fit for every enterprise by focussing primarily on better customer
experience and generate new revenue opportunities.

Powerful API ecosystem lets enterprises leverage the real
power of product data in a
secure fashion

Control and efficiently manage your products remotely with deep insights on its usage and performance

Accelerate your time to market and cost-effective management of assets and applications from a single platform

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