A future proof technology stack to launch and monetize connected services.

car data monetization - Airlinq


Stay competitive by enabling newer use cases in weeks and not years by deploying micro-services at the edge.


Integrate to the backbone of global, managed, and dynamic connectivity for better throughput with a high density of nodes.


Extend the vehicular, contextual, sensor data, and control points. Onboard third party apps to kick-start the connected car ecosystem.

car data monetization - Airlinq

AIR:EDGE - Edge is the new center

The most sophisticated and future-ready micro-service driven AIR:EDGE for connected cars. Ensure in-vehicle service autonomy with high precision, low latency, and granular abstraction of contextual data.

Edge Cloud Server

AI and ML

Policy Control
and Audit

Micro-services based

Network Coverage

Efficient Data

Network and
Data Offload


Expose APIs
from TCU

AIR:CONTROL - Intelligent Connectivity

AIR:CONTROL allows a carrier agnostic management of in-vehicle connectivity on a global scale with a single pane of management. Connected car ready features allow context-aware actions in real-life use case scenarios.

5G & NB-IoT

Make your rollouts future ready with 5G and NB-IoT management capabilities.

Subscription & Service Plans

Create & manage connected car services plans for B2B and B2C segment.


Service , APN or URL based real time rating of data usage.

eUICC Lifecycle management

Local profile download in destination country and work flow based trigger through API integration.


Intelligent and automatic operator selection based upon best available coverage.

Monitoring and

Troubleshoot and identify current state of connected car even during shipping/ warehousing.

AIR:FUSION - Mobility Data Orchestration‚Äč

Seamless integration for interoperability with AIR:FUSION extending enterprise data to OEM and consumer apps

Deploy quickly as a cloud or on-premise instance with a single runtime

Handle complexity and checks of processes through APIs for easy management

Single touchpoint API orchestration to build powerful, workflow-driven automation

Integrate with third-party cloud-based, on-premise, and enterprise applications

Use real-time mobility data to create and launch innovative apps globally

Digital services ecosystem -Airlinq

Services Marketplace

Offer personalised in-car services & applications to enhance experience

Edge Control & Analytics

Decentralising data-processing & turn raw data into real time actionable intelligence

Vehicle Connectivity

Control and manage connectivity & data plans at a global scale

Capitalize on the
rise of 5G networks

Be future-ready to tap into new revenue opportunities of autonomous mobility with the arrival of 5G networks.

application enablement platform - Airlinq

Enable digital services ecosystem for new revenue streams

application enablement platform - Airlinq
OEM branded storefront hosting a personalized, tailored ecosystem of in-house or third party applications and services

Configure all the service control points from a single dash to onboard providers rapidly.

Full control and visibility of service quality, billing, consent, privacy, payments, and regulation.

Manage localization for global deployments with varied currency, time zones and languages.

Airlinq Edge SDK: A more practical approach for connected car use cases

A more sophisticated and future ready SDK on TCU will ensure a high level of control over service delivery and quality inside the car

Intelligent Connectivity

Switch between available networks to always stay connected

Data Management

Micro-services to enable policies, data compression, rating & telematics analytics

Car Data Monetization

3rd party edge data packages to enable contextual data push monetization

connected car services - Airlinq

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