Globetouch announces exciting new rebrand to Airlinq!

Globetouch, today announced the company’s rebranding to ‘Airlinq’ with a new name, logo, brand identity and web presence. It symbolizes a new phase of growth and for the company in the year 2020. Airlinq as a platform, is shaping the connected products and services of tomorrow, and is expanding to enable its customers build a monetizable digital services ecosystem to offer a ubiquitous connected experience for the consumers around the globe.

Globetouch currently provides connected car platform that assist in the development and deployment of large scale connected applications related to the smart mobility, connectivity management and edge solutions for auto giants and telco companies like General Motors, Daimler, Volvo and Reliance Jio.

In addition to improving its existing line-up of products, Airlinq will introduce a new breed of feature packages that will power the growing trends in the automotive and telecom market. These include supporting upcoming technologies around 5G, edge computing, as well as infotainment and other personal services that will make cars more intelligent, resulting in a service-led monetization for automakers and service providers.

“Airlinq is part of our plans to expand our current product and services portfolio. The rebranding signifies an extension in focus from global connectivity to broader ecosystem enablement centric product offerings. Cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT will build advanced mobility solutions, making it intelligent and future-ready. The objective is to ensure that our customers are ready to launch the innovative digital services rapidly without compromising on agility, data privacy or security,” said Ori Sasson, CEO at Airlinq.

Airlinq’s ecosystem of partners have always been an essential part of its success. Post the rebranding exercise, Airlinq will embark on a large- scale expansion of its existing global network of data generators, digital service partners, connectivity providers and service aggregators, creating a layer of connected fabric on which a wide variety of services will reach consumers seamlessly, surpassing all geographical and technological barriers.

About Airlinq

Airlinq is a provider of next-generation enterprise-grade cloud and edge platform to handle complex AI and IoT use cases for the new breed of connected assets like cars, autonomous pods, and drones. This highly scalable, globally available platform is ready to support millions of connected assets and vehicles with mission-critical latency, security, and reliability.

Vaibhav Vijay

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Globetouch announces exciting new rebrand to Airlinq!

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Globetouch announces exciting new rebrand to Airlinq!

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