Drive-through digital: Journey of a factory fitted Connected Car

Connected Cars: From a siloed reality to a connected future

The world is witnessing a profound re-imagination of the automobile. Connectivity & sensors are nourishing the future of the automotive sector and prove to be pivotal for the delivery of the ‘experience-rich’ vehicle that the end-consumer is demanding.

The connected car is predominantly marketed from the experience point of view, by & large for the end user. That’s how we know it. But, in essence the car’s journey is way longer than meets the eye. OEMs that aim for success, map the entire journey from the manufacturing unit in one country to shipping, warehousing, dealership distribution, sale transfer to owners and eventually the end user in multiple countries.

Who owns this journey?

The Car-makers adapts to this deep-rooted change by slowly building a tech-enabled ecosystem that drives benefits for all stations in this journey. Here is how Airlinq with its unique connectivity API orchestration is supporting this journey for its OEM partners.


Car manufacturers have always worked with a plethora of suppliers and technology providers to procure various items that help in assembling the connected car. Amongst these, are the Telematics Control Units (TCU) that enable Connected Car factory fitted solutions with an Embedded SIM (eSIM). Technology partners like Airlinq are critical to activate this eSIM to provide global connectivity & supporting ecosystems. In most cases, the car is manufactured in one country, then exported to others based on demand and launch-plans. Our platform allows OEMs to test the connectivity in any given location using our Global Connectivity Management solution.


Post connectivity activation in the factory, the car is ready to be shipped. OEM can monitor the location of vehicles during shipping through network latching at ports. Connectivity Management Platform from Airlinq work with Mobile Network Operators and Automotive OEMs globally to build a robust connectivity layer that forms the basis of this ecosystem. Airlinq offers the remote management of eSIMs activated by reliable MNO partners that allow easy swap between operators.

Destination country

Post arrival at the destination country, the car is warehoused. In this state, the Automotive OEM can test the connectivity under local conditions. Capitalizing on Airlinq’s connectivity ecosystem, the eSIM gets latched on to the preferred Mobile Network Operator in the local setting. Airlinq’s Connectivity Management Platform manages workflow driven profile localization governed through complex back end logic of OEM. Automotive OEM decides localization based on various important parameters.

Dealer front

OEM only has to pay for small sized trial plans. Airlinq’s CMP gives the OEM flexibility to create a showroom presentation plan for the dealers whenever they need to showcase the car for its functionalities and test rides to the end customer.


Connected car use cases represent a wide spectrum of data types: aggregated, specific and interactive. Most of this data is ascribed personal, allowed to be processed only if in compliance to regulatory & KYC norms. Airlinq’s platform helps OEMs develop a privacy-aware road to connected-car data.

How does it work? Since the car remains connected all the time, OEM is always collecting telemetry data to monitor the condition and services of the car. Customers gets to use or update the same MNO plan; the automaker has activated for the region. Airlinq’s CMP manages split billing between data consumed by the end user and data consumed by the OEM and sponsored services by OEM to enable a seamless billing experience.

Our platform manages connectivity in a flexible manner to accommodate possible changes in user services during the lifecycle of the vehicle (changes of owners/ riders, countries of operation, etc.) Once a driver’s connectivity profile is created, the OEM CMP allows for the profile to be applied to the car of their choice whether it’s rental, owned or a taxi. So, for the end user, the moment he or she enters that car, it gets connected using his/her own connectivity profile and the apps and services being consumed by the end user get activated on the dashboard.

Airlinq’s deep understanding and unique expertise in the domain helps accelerate carmakers journey towards monetization and boost customer’s experience. With a ubiquitous global software-defined connectivity, Airlinq acts as a glue between the Automotive OEMs and Telecom operators. Airlinq working with leading Tier 1 global automotive OEMs has a deep focus towards pushing the mobility ecosystem towards a hyper connected reality.

Amit K. Sharma

AVP – Product

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